Alumni Success

Our graduates are successful in jobs in a variety of areas all over the country. Here are some of the positions held by our alums who graduated in the most recent three years.

Job Title


PhD student, Geography

University in Nevada

Planner I

Medium sized city in Iowa

Planner I

Regional planning commission in Iowa

Planner I

Metropolitan planning agency in Iowa

Planner I

Small suburb in Colorado

Planner I - Housing

County in Wisconsin


Nonprofit foundation in Virginia

Associate Planner

County in Iowa

Planner I - Transportation

County in Wisconsin

MS student, Civil and Environmental Engineering

University in Washington

Program Coordinator

Outreach and engagement office in Iowa

Transportation Planner

State transportation office in Georgia

Economic Development Planner

Metropolitan planning agency in Illinois

Senior Program Manager

Energy company

PhD student, Law and Public Policy

University in Massachusetts

Senior Program Manager

Energy company

Architect and Planner

Consulting firm in Minnesota

Director of Community Development

Nonprofit in Minnesota

Land Management Technician

County in Oregon

Community Health Outreach Worker

County department of public health and environment in Colorado


Private consulting group in Nebraska

Regional Planner

Regional planning commission in Iowa

Planner II - GIS/Environmental

County in South Dakota

Water Resources Planner

Regional planning agency in Pennsylvania

Zoning Coordinator

Medium sized city in Iowa

Iowa Waste Exchange Representative

Council of government in Iowa

Ph.D. student, Environmental Design & Planning

University in Kansas

Project Manager

Small town in Iowa

Transportation Planner 1

Metropolitan planning organization in Colorado

Community Reinvestment Planner

Large city in Georgia

Planning Technician

Small city in Washington


Private planning and design firm in Oregon


Private engineering firm in Iowa

City Planner

Small town in California

Adjunct Instructor

University in the student's home country

Urban Planner Specialist

Nonprofit organization in student's home country

Land Management Planner

U.S. Forest Service in Arizona

Development Review Planner

Suburb of Chicago

Planning/GIS Technician

County in Wisconsin

Transportation Planner

Regional transportation organization in North Carolina