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The Urban Hawk

  • Posted on 01/24/2017
    Every day, I face an internal struggle thanks to my longing for convenience combined with two years of schooling in urban planning. This is due, of course, to Des Moines’ Interstate 235, which gets me from my apartment in central Des Moines to my job in suburban Ankeny in a cool 18 minutes. The engineer in me lauds this expanse of concrete for the convenience that it brings to me and the 600,000 people that live in the area. The planner in me, however, has been given a different perspective.
  • Mega Cebu 2050 logo
    Posted on 02/21/2016

    Neil, a Fulbright Scholar, 2016 Graduate of the University of Iowa's Urban and Regional Planning program, and native of Cebu, Philippines, describes his perspective on some of the proposed 14 anchor programs for Mega Cebu 2050.