The Urban Hawk: An exploration of urban, regional, and community planning

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Who can submit to The Urban Hawk?

We invite current and former University of Iowa students and faculty, and Iowa community members from all disciplines to submit content on a rolling basis.

What should I submit?

We accept submissions between 500 and 2000 words, preferably written in colloquial style. Please feel free to use images, embedded links, and other multimedia to communicate and enhance your submission. Both academic and creative pieces describing individual projects, reports, internship experiences, and personal reflections on planning are accepted. While all submissions should be related to planning, design, and development issues, compositions from non-planning professions and multidisciplinary perspectives are highly encouraged.

What happens after I submit?

To contribute to The Urban Hawk, please email your submission to The Urban Hawk editor. Included in your submission should be your name, profession, and email address.

After you submit your piece, the editors of The Urban Hawk will review your submission to ensure it aligns with the blog's mission.