Economic Development

The economic development area of concentration prepares students for positions with city planning departments, regional planning agencies, state development agencies, neighborhood economic development groups, and other nonprofit or public/private economic development organizations.

Students study regional economic growth processes, the changing structure of employment, and the relationship between local industrial sectors and national and international economic trends. Courses also focus on forecasting the economic impact of business location decisions, alternatives for financing development, state and local development policies, innovative institutional arrangements such as public/private partnerships, and other issues such as plant closings, job training, tax incentives, and federal small business programs. Courses applicable to the economic development area are as follows:

Planning Courses

  • Public Finance and Budgeting
  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Economic Development Policy
  • Economic Development Finance
  • Growth Management
  • Planning Sustainable Transportation
  • Community Development in the Upper Midwest
  • Affordable Housing Finance

Business Courses

  • Real Estate Process
  • Real Estate Finance and Investment

Economics Course

  • Industry Analysis

Entrepreneurship Courses

  • Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting
  • Managing the Growth Business